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Discovering Men's Swimwear Shops

One of the most important parts of locating the perfect mens swimsuits is in the discovery of the best mens swimwear shops. You’ve got to admit that there’s little chance of you finding the swimsuits that you’ve been looking for if you don’t have the choice of the best shops that carry them. No one wants to appear on a beach or at poolside wearing the same types of swimsuits that all of the other men are wearing. You can’t hope to stand out in a crowd if you’re not any more unique than the rest of the guys there. That’s why you need to find the best places to shop for original designs and styles of mens swimsuits.

See amazing men's swimwear designs including the hottest bikinis, thongs, g-strings, fetish spandex suits, Lycra sex wear and so much more!

It’s best to begin your search for the prime men's swimwear shops early in the year before the swimming season begins. If you wait, you’ll find that even the best shops are sold out of their most popular swimsuits. There’s no need to for you miss out on getting something unique just because you waited until the beginning of summer to start looking for a new swimsuit or two. This is especially true when you live in urban areas that make it necessary to drive many miles just one way in order to get to a shopping mall or even in the middle of the city stores. Traveling to the city can actually be a fun way to spend the weekend with either a partner or just on your own.

Men's shops aren’t always specialty stores only. Many high end department stores will have a section for mens swimsuits. This is where you’ll most likely find such styles as surfer prints or the traditional boxers. While these are very nice options for ordinary types of guys, if you’re trying to be unique, these may not be the places that you’ll find something along those lines. You may also want to steer clear of such discount department stores as Target or Walmart as these will have only the traditional sorts of swimsuits for men. In addition, you can probably find those stores pretty much anywhere without having to travel that far.

If you’re not able to make enough time for a full weekend to look for swimwear shops, there’s definitely another great option, and with this one, you won’t even have to start up your car or put gas in it. All you have to do is sit down at your laptop or home desk computer and start surfing around the Internet. It’s very simple to find the websites that you need. Just search for something along the lines of mens swimwear and you’ll be presented with hundreds of thousands of websites that offer these. Now, you can certainly take the hours, days or weeks that may be needed to explore all of these websites, or you can start at the top with the best website of its kind and head to

Yes, it’s true that this is an online website, but it’s also among the best shops that you’ll find anywhere, in the real world or the virtual one. is headed by one of the most popular menswear designers in the business. His name is Michael David and he’s been creating some of the most unique mens swimsuits you’ll find anywhere for more than 20 years. Michael became very fascinated with Spandex swimsuits when he was still a teenager. A neighbor introduced him to a Spandex Speedo one afternoon and he was instantly smitten with the sensuousness that it provided. It may even be at that moment that he knew he was meant to spend his life’s work designing amazing and one of a kind creations for mens swimwear shops. became Michael’s outlet to share his creations with men all over the world. He set to work putting his designs into actual swimsuits. Not only does he put together swimsuits for men, but he also designs bikinis, thongs, G-strings and even different types of fetish wear, all for men. The styles that Michael designs aren’t some that you’ll find just anywhere. You may very well find some that are SIMILAR to his designs, but the only place you’ll find the true Michael David mens specialty designs is at

Once you’ve visited this website, you’ll see instantly why it’s a serious competitor with other men's swimsuit shops, both virtually and in the real world. Michael favors Spandex when he’s designing an item most likely because he has such a connection with that material. It also works out to be one of the most perfect materials to craft a swimsuit from due to its ease and comfort of wearing as well as its durability when in the water.

Michael is very dedicated to his craft as you’ll see when you start browsing through the website. He knows that it’s rather difficult for most men's swimsuits to be completely unique from each other, but he makes it possible for each of his designs to have something that’s just a bit different from each other. Swimwear shops don’t typically have this many selections when it comes to the varieties they offer, and that’s just another reason for you to spend time perusing to see what you may look perfect in.

Another reason that you’re going to love this website is all the tasty eye candy models that wear Michael’s designs so that you can see what they could look like on you when you wear them. Of course, these guys have such amazing bodies that you may not be sporting the same type, but even if you’re not, you can work a little and get into better shape to look sexier, like the models do. Men's swimwear stores don’t usually have live models that will pose for you in the swimsuit of your choice so that you can get an idea of what it could possibly look like when you put it on. You’re going to love those wickedly delicious models at this website. They may even make it a little more difficult to select the swimsuits that you want to order.

Another thing that Michael offers you that you’re not going to find anywhere else is the fact that he tries out everything personally before he releases it for sale on  It’s true. He literally takes each and every item he creates and wears it himself to make sure it meets his standards. Now, you’re not going to find very many men's swimwear stores that can boast this. If there’s even one tiny flaw or something Michael doesn’t like about a design, then he starts all over again and works on it until he feels that it’s perfect. Yes, Michael is actually quite the perfectionist, which turns out to be a great thing for the customers of

One example of Michael’s amazing designs is the Freedom Bikini. This one is styled much in the way of a Speedo swimsuit, but the twist is that it’s made to show your patriotism. A perfect blend of red, white and blue colors, you can stand out on the Fourth of July or simply look patriotic on any beach in the world. Mens swimwear shops usually don’t carry this type of swimwear unless it’s in the novelty section. Michael’s design, on the other hand, takes the feeling of being a patriot much more seriously, and that’s another reason to love this website.

If you want something versatile, sexy and flattering, have a look at the Ecstasy Trio. This is an ensemble that sells separately but can be worn in many versions together. There’s the Ecstasy Thong, which sort of speaks for itself. This very sexy garment can be worn alone or under something else. That “something else” can be the Ecstasy Bikini. This is the perfect swimsuit that won’t be found in most swimwear shops. Also, since the two of these are made from the same material, they can be mixed and matched quite well. Now, the best piece of this ensemble is called the Ecstasy Kilt and that’s exactly what it is. Taken straight from the Scottish Highlands, this kilt is crafted from a plaid Spandex material that will make any self-respecting Scot proud.

If you choose to purchase the Ecstasy Trio with all of its parts, you’ll have the perfect traveling swimwear. When you think about it, you can imagine spending the day out on the beach in the bikini, and donning your kilt to attend a beach or poolside barbeque without having to actually change your clothes. You can just throw the kilt over your bikini and off you go.

Swimwear shops just don’t typically carry items like this.

Now, think ahead even more and imagine yourself putting on a some sort of cool t-shirt, your thong and your kilt to head down to the beach. You’ve brought everything you need in order to cover up if you need to. It all goes so well together that you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll actually wear this trio. Michael really knows what men like and what they can get the most use from. A perfect example of that fact is with his creation of the Ecstasy Trio.

Something else that Michael does for his customers that you’re probably not going to find in swimwear shops is the way he prices his creations. When you buy designer garments of any type, you’re going to pay through the nose. That’s the just the way of the world and, for those that can afford it, there’s certainly nothing wrong with this. However, if you’re a man that has an appreciation for the best in swimwear, then you’re going to love how Michael works the pricing on the items sold at He keeps things very affordable for men that truly want to wear his items. You see, Michael wants to reach as many men as possible and he wants the guys that are truly excited by his designs to be able to buy them.

Swimwear shops don’t offer nearly as many benefits and advantages as that of They’re just interested in being able to buy in bulk so that they can jack up the prices to sell to the public. Michael and have no such desire. Of course, they want to make money because; otherwise, what would be the point of being in business? Many times the price of something is going to be the deciding factor as to whether or not customers buy something. If you’re one of those people, choosing between the prices offered at and some of the many mens swimwear shops, the website will win hands down every time.

If you’re still not sure about online swimwear shops, you really need to spend some time at going through Michael’s designs. They’re just for men and have been created by a man that knows just what men love. Now, that’s not to say that women CAN’T wear his designs if they want, but when he started designing for a living, he was doing so with only men in mind. Besides, women already have enough things in the area of swimwear to make them look even sexier than they are. Men’s garments in this area are a bit more limited. Michael really had his work cut out for him when set about on the path of designing and creating swimwear for men.

Online men's swimwear shops are actually very easy to find when you know what to look for. The hard part comes when you’re trying to find these websites that sell quality products that are also affordable and unique. If you start your search at, you’ll most likely not be looking at any other sites. This is the one that has everything you could possibly want in menswear intimate wear, so why even waste your time going anywhere else? The menswear at is perfectly unique, perfectly priced and perfectly created. What more could you want?Koala is the hottest of any mens swimwear shops online. We offer more extreme mens swimwear designs then any other mens swimwear shops online or bricks and mortar stores. We have bikinis, thongs, g-strings and so much more. Extreme designs, sexy wear, sheer suits, designs you have never seen at any other mens swimwear shops. Stop by and let us blow you away!

Men's swimwear shops

Finding the right size when you try on suits at men's swimwear shops.
I find that many of the employees at swimwear shops have experience and skills in helping you find the right suit. If you are looking for Board shorts which are what most mens swimwear shops offer then the only thing you need to know is your waist size and trying them on is just like trying on any other type of shorts. The trick comes when you want to buy a new mens bikini, thong or g-strings. As I have said in other articles I find the very best of these style suits at shops online. That said I have had many experiences in the past buying mens swimwear bikinis, thongs and g-strings at mens swimwear shops in West Hollywood and San Francisco along with other custom shops in Los Angeles and New York along with shops in London and Berlin. I love swimwear and whenever I visit new cities I check and see what types of mens swimwear shops they offer. The very best spots again are online and most of the guys working at the online stores are very knowable and helpful. I have had some exciting times getting fitted for swimwear in stores. Here are a few funny, sexy and exciting stories, I will add more as I have time. Speedo amazingly enough used to offer a men's thong compatition suit. The have mostly women’s swimwear but offer a nice men's swimwear line most of which is to conservative for me I enjoy a suit that shows off the body. I was in the mall near my home and went into to the Speedo store and asked if they offered the mens thong that I saw online. They did and the sales girl showed it to me. Would you like to try it on? She offered. I was not sure about putting it on in a bust mall store filled with women but since she offered I said sure. I went into the dressing room striped do to nothing and tried on the little red thong. She asked how it fit and I said I think it’s to tight, of course like I Lycra suits I was hard the second I put it on. She said come out and let me take a look. I love girls seeing me in a little thong but in a mall with other ladies in the store? I thought about it and stepped out into the main store and she was now with another sales girl. I was so happy that I was hairless, just shaved and nice and smooth very much like the girls that came into the shop. She said turn around and my completely bare ass was exposed to the world. The other girl thought it fit great, the suits is lined but my shaft was so hard you could clearly see the head through the fabric, they smiled at each other and said try on this one it is a size large but it is in white. I did as I was told and came out in the white suit, there were other ladies in the shop starring and smiling at me and I was just about nude and felt so exposed, they said the white one fit better and then the second girl who could not have been 20 said I would love to see what it looks like wet! I think my face turned a little flush but I said I would take it.
I took it off got dressed and took it up to the front to be rung up. She scanned the tag and said oh your suit already looks wet and showed me the big wet spot in the fabric from my pre-cum. Not knowing what to say I just giggled and so did she. That was both exciting, a little embarrassing and erotic all at the same time. A nice combination. I have so many more stories about men's swimwear stores; some of the best are from the custom shops where I have had men make me take off a suit to make changes in front of other people.